Softmedia, Inc.

We started this business in 1994 in the client/server world doing custom applications.  Through the years, we changed with the technology and moved from the client/server world to the ever changing technology of today.  

So what do you do for your 20th anniversary?  We decided to do a name change! We will still do development but that is only part of our focus.  We love solving problems.  Whether it is data analysis, social media marketing, or even planning for their big annual events... we can be a key partner for our clients.  And we needed a name that can encompass all that we do.

Also, thru the years more companies have adapted the name Softmedia.  Unfortunately, some of these companies have practiced the type of business practices which we do not agree with.  We have always tried to focus on the client's needs.  We have never taken credit cards for payment, yet another company named Softmedia has performed penny auctions and have taken advantage of credit card payments.  If you have been taken advantage of from one of these companies, we have done some research for you! This is NOT us.

After 20 years, we have been around longer than these new businesses and we plan on being here for another 20 years.  We are proud to be an American company!  We have and will continue to adapt to the changing world, yet we will do it with respect and integrity.

Introducing... Alore Group, Inc.